Hey,🤏🏽 welcome to my corner of the web!

This is my space, and it's all mine! You can't do anything about it! 🤪

I am currently working with the team at Mediashaker as a User experience designer and Developer while working on ShoutCMS and Steps with the team.
I help entrepreneurs and small-medium-sized businesses scale up at Upwward Labs as a Product designer and Founder.

I enjoy creating interactive web and mobile products…Read more.

We will create something memorable together!

I enjoy showcasing my beautiful designs and telling the stories and design decisions behind them; however, for some good reason, I have been drawn to writing✍🏽 lately. I realized it some years ago while reading an imaginary mentor’s life-changing blog sometime in 2020 who worked at Booking.com. Yeah, he’s an imaginary🥴 mentor because we never got the chance to have a coffee chat.🙃😵

If you are in the software space or any field, you will probably understand the importance of having a close mentor in your industry, especially with industry-leading folks who can guide you. By the way, it is easy to find mentors in the software space now. From marketing to engineering, design, data science, product research, etc.. I used ADPList to connect with Waleed Hassan, a great mentor in the UX Space. All you have to do is find the mentor you want to chat with and book a session with them. Make sure to be goal-oriented a bit before booking. 👌🏽

Honestly, thinking back, 2020 was really some year for me. Whew!😣🤧
(I will share another story on it some other time.😌)
To think we still don’t fully understand where the mystery COVID-19 microbe came from. Sheesh!🥲 Okay, well…(My people will say, 🇳🇬Nigeria: “Ah well, Hmm, Orishirishi Ooo”… 🇬🇭Ghana: “Boiɛ“)

Anyway, back on track.😴 I am gradually turning my website into a blog post. It will feature my daily experiences, photography, career journey, advice, etc. Maybe I will showcase my portfolio on the side; who knows? 🤷🏽‍♂️ Life still goes on. Either way, I will update it as often as possible. 🙏🏼

I want to sound cool in my outro by saying, Life is not supposed to be difficult, so stay safe out there. Please don’t overlaugh or anything. If you know me personally, don’t quote me in my DM and laugh! 😏😏 

I gotta sound and look cool like a main character from a Show. You know what I mean. See ya around. 🤟🏽

Oh, oh,…one more thing. I am still building and designing the website, so I guess there will be some changes here and there. Shifting contents and the rest. Bear with me on that. The site is open for you! 

Now the outro I wanted to put here is gone.😣😣😣 Ha, Nawa oh. God is my strength!

Anyway, See ya!🤟🏽